Galeed Baptist Church
Mission Statement
To magnify God’s name and equip our
members for ministry, to reach the lost and
unite them with our family as we grow
together in Christlike love and maturity.


Hello All!
I know that you each, as do I, look forward to being able to
once again join together at Galeed’s church campus as we
worship the Lord as one body and one voice. We are
experiencing a time unlike most of us have ever encountered.
A time of uncertainty, perhaps a time of fear for many,
perhaps a time of hopelessness and despair in some. So much
has changed in such a short time but may we always
remember that our God is the same yesterday, today, and
forever. His love for us never changes, His care for us never
stops, His mercy and grace are ever present and no matter
where we find ourselves we can worship and thank Him for
who He is and all He has done in our lives.
I encourage you to allow your faith and trust in God to carry
you through the times before us. Although our church building
is closed, the Church is not. We are the Church and the
Church is as alive as ever within each of us as we praise God
and show others the love of Christ. I hope that we will stay
connected during this time. That we will reach out to one
another through whatever means possible. That we will look
to God’s word for spiritual direction and encouragement. That
we will continue to pray for one another and those in need.
That we will be the church where we are. Things may look
different in the world around us once the dust has settled and
this virus has passed, but we can emerge stronger and more
unified then ever, if we choose to.
I close with this challenge: Pray, Prepare, Push. PRAY for
God to reveal His plan for you. PREPARE your heart and
mind to be obedient to His plan. And finally, PUSH forward
when the time is right, no matter the obstacles before you, as
you fulfill God’s plan for your life and you point others to
Jesus. God loves you and so do I!

           Pastor Brett








Joey Autry, Youth